I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hi TAY! How is everyone?

I’ve never been one to really replay games but when my sister asked to play something the other day, I decided she should tackle one of the great ones that came out in the past couple of years - Breath of the Wild! Because the header image did not indicate that at all.


Anyway, we just started a few nights ago and already she’s out of the game’s tutorial, the Great Plateau. It’s been fun watching Link go adventuring again and for me to be helping out. It’s like a whole new game to me. Haha, okay, in some spots, yeah.

But I’ve had to keep some things from her like the Blood Moon rising, and watching her reactions in various situations has been awesome. Last night, a storm started up and her iron weapon started attracting the lightning. I laughed but didn’t want her to get shocked (she figured it out anyway) so she hurried inside and got to safety. But man, memories.


Then I remembered how people complained about breakable weapons and too much rain when the game first came out. She hasn’t had an incident yet where the rain has been a problem for her climbing but honestly, I never had those complaints. The little details put into this game really make it amazing. I still love Majora’s Mask more but looking at Breath of the Wild these two years later...it is something pretty special.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • What have been some general nitpicks of a game that you’ve played recently and did it affect your enjoyment of it?
  • What’s a game that got poor critic reviews that you’ve enjoyed?
  • What’s a game that got great reviews that you didn’t like?
  • What’s good, TAY?

Last night I dreamt David Bowie was sitting around in midtown singing and eyeballing me to make sure I didn’t give away his position. It was both sad and weird. Also Bloc Party started up a surprise performance further down the street and no one noticed except me who went running:

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