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TAY: Open Forum - "Remorse" Edition

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Hi TAY. What is going down, clowns?

I haven’t used Ebay in forever but lately I’ve been trying my hardest to track down the vinyl of Hotline Miami 2's soundtrack. One of my biggest life regrets was passing up ordering it a few years ago, and of course, it has haunted me since, now that it has long been out of print.


I started collecting game soundtrack vinyls a few years ago. Not a very serious collector, mind you, because on top of games (which are already expensive) it’d just be too pricey a hobby I cannot really afford. I have...5? Maybe? My last was Pyre’s because it’s that great a soundtrack, and it helps the art is fantastic.

Ooo, pretty. Except I got the black one. I wonder if I could palm it off on a Twinsie or something and he’d never suspsect a thing...

If I could get Transistor’s and Bastion’s too, I would but I think Transistor’s is sold out and Bastion is there waiting for me to have another life time regret of never owning. Actually, the next one I have my eye on is Enter the Gungeon’s. Here’s hoping it doesn’t sell out before the end of the year as I plan to get it then.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s). Answers to one all, none, or some will do:

  • If you could have any video game soundtrack on vinyl, which would you want?
  • If vinyl’s not for you (but it should be because think about all the pretty packaging!), if you could have a custom art print or figure made from a game, what would you get?
  • Which game did you not purchase and regret not doing so because the price might be astronomical now, or the game is out of print? Or got into a series late and now that you want it, it’s also super pricey (Suikoden II. ::tears::)

Hrmmm...is this on vinyl...It probably is.

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