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Last night I was trying to find a riddle with a certain answer. I didn’t care what the riddle was, as long as it was challenging, and had the answer I was looking for. Why did I do this? Well I needed a thematically appropriate riddle for the next dungeon the players in the tabletop RPG campaign I GM will be delving into. I didn’t find what I was looking for because people on the internet don’t seem to get the difference between a riddle and a joke...

Anyway, for today’s topic, share your favorite riddles for your fellow TAYers to solve! If you’re not feeling like a riddler, then feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever.

Here’s one from me to get you started! I am endless but can be wasted. I can’t be kept but can be spent. I can’t be owned but can be used. What am I? Keeping it simple since I am writing this just before it goes up because I forgot to do it yesterday.

And here’s your Morning Jam!