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I’ve returned! ...Except not really. I’m currently on a roadtrip, headed for places I don’t really want to go to. But iz cool. Might be some fun stuff waiting to be explored. Like old school dimsum. And food trucks. Mmmm.

The other night, when I was up way too late thinking about the gaming year through the release of the NX, I tallied the games I want. They’re all (mostly) JRPGs. They’re all going to eat up my time. How did this happen? How. I intend to get started on that backlog before it spirals even more out of control. Finally, some Yokai Watch on this road trip!

Keeping Track of Upcoming Games -

  • I Am Setsuna
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Trails of Cold Steel II
  • Dragon Quest VII
  • Dragon Quest VIII
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • World of Final Fantasy
  • Yomawari
  • Paper Mario Color Splash
  • Yokai Watch 2
  • Persona 5
  • NX with Breath of the Wild

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Alright, TAY! Lay out your gaming wants/purchases for the next few months. Backlogs be damned! Apparently mine keeps changing. Let’s hold interventions. Actually, I really just want to know what else you guys have on your tentative plates. Or if that’s too much, what’s the next game that’s a must buy?
  • It’s National Candy Month! What’s your favorite candy? I like...sour worms.
  • Camping or Roadtrip? And where would you like to go if you were on a Roadtrip?
  • Today is National Camera Day! I’ll be sure to take some pictures on the food adventures I want to have. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have the greatest and I can post about it. Like dem tamales in L.A. So goooood. Also a reminder I should...do Photography Club again, huh? Heh Heh...heh. There’s your first picture! Up there! My city’s just the best even if the pic is askew, and people are in my shot and taking pics of me but, whatevs. Try not to think about it too hard. (Official Photography Club notice to come. Maybe.)
  • No fires or trubs while I’m gone. -.O

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