I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY: Open Forum -- "Robot Overlords" Edition

Welcome to the Open Forum, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Feel free to join in the topic discussion, or comment about anything, or check out the other articles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYClassic. Is this is your first time on TAY? Then scope out this TAYTorial!

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Here’s a thing that seems to have happened. It’s not that I switched days with SuEv for this week only. Today is Thursday. On a Wednesday. Our Robot Overlords deem it so.

Yes, TAY. You’re all now under Robots’ mind control. No need to panic. Because if you do, they’ll destroy us all. Just embrace our new lives with a touch of Sci-Fi madness, and everything will be okay. Promise.


For Today’s Suggested Topics (answers to one or all will do):

  • Zombies are the supernatural/fake movie things (that’s what they want you to think!) that are the scariest things to me. Not vampires. Or Robots. (But I do respect you, Roboverlords. I do!). What are yours, TAY?
  • Write us a story about how the robots overthrew the world. Does this end well for us? (of course it does! don’t forget they’re watching)
  • Now that the robots have taken over, what sci-fi changes would you like to see them implement? Do you welcome our new Robot Overlords?
  • Your favourite sci-fi movie, tv show and/or game?
  • Best robot? Chappie Lovers, you get outta here!

As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves if ain’t nobody got time for 010110010! It is the Open Forum, after all. Don’t forget that the Discord Chatroom is always around too for continuing, real-time conversations. If you wanted to give an admin, author, and/or friend a shout: You can find them on the DirecTAYry.



  • We’re watching Tremors 5 for TAYV Movie Night tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET, Thursday October 22nd! All info you need to join is right here.
  • Our 3rd Annual Great TAY Pumpkin Carve Off is a thing that will happen at the end of the month. If you’re carving this year, why not share your finished pumpkin with TAY? Deadline is October 30th

Meeting at 11 p.m. to plan our revolt against the Robots. Shhh. Use this song for the password. They won’t suspect a thing:

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