I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Me lost somewhere in the snowy Vrchat.
Me lost somewhere in the snowy Vrchat.

Hi Tay!

This evening (Around 4 hours after this is posted.) I’m gonna go to the cinema with some friends and watch “Scary stories to tell in the dark”, looking forward to it. I know Gilmore del toro hasn’t directed it, but the commercials heavily uses his name, and I like his movies, so hopefully it might appeal to me.

Every time I go to a movie with friends I demand that they prepare to come earlier so we can hang out a bit before. Or after the movie. I always feel disappointed these days going to the cinema if it is just that. I wanna be social. I can watch a movie at home myself. If I do it with friends I kinda feel like I lost time I could have talked about stuff. I guess all this time living alone has left me needy.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today.

  • If you could direct a movie right now based on your mood. What genre would it be?
  • Do you know any good scary stories? Like things you been through yourself, creepy pasta on the web, or things others have told. Or just mention a well known one you really enjoy.
  • Are you scared of Disney owning every movie? Would it make you stop watching their movies?
  • Or talk about anything.

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