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Due to world domination, Skeletor has a day of. Instead today you’ll get my own crafted comic.

Good morning pasta carbonara!

Damn, feeling sick today. Which isn’t good, I shouldn’t take any work of this week. Meaning I will just have to survive it. I just have to. THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION!


... So let’s talk about giving up.

When you look at entertainment and all kinds of morals society spoon feeds you forcefully, giving up is almost always a negative thing. A mark of failure. I find that to be nonsense, sometimes it can be the best thing ever. I’m trying hard to think of a movie about giving up. But I can’t really think of one. Maybe “The Big Lebowski”? I would like to see a movie about someone who struggles really hard to achieve something and then at the end of the movie says “screw this, this isn’t worth it”. I imagine it being a superhero movie about a superhero trying to solve something really complex like the Israel & Palastine conflict.

I always find something really humble in giving up, or compromising. When a person realize this isn’t worth it, you were wrong, it’s better for others that you just stop. I mean that is a situation we all been in small or big, and in the larger scale of things, it’s what finally gives solutions to long lasting conflicts in the world.

I mean, why would the only good morals in life be “fight until the end” or “never give up.” That can be a nice goal to have in many ways but it’s not gonna be the right thing to do all the time. Isn’t better in a situation where everyone wants the cake to just stop, think about it, and tell yourself “you know what, I don’t need a fucking cake.”


Anyway screw this. Here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • When was the last time you gave up? Did it feel like the right thing to do? Or tell us about a time you gave up that you felt impacted you.
  • Who would you really like to see give up? (Other than the president.)
  • Whats the best thing that is going to happen today?
  • Or talk about anything.

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