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TAY Open Forum - Sitting on a train

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Good day pancakes!

I’m sitting and typing this on the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm, and I should arrive back home a little before this is published.


I thought that this could be good time to talk about trains and games with trains. But pfff, thats a really boring subject. Unless someone here is a big train simulator fan, then you’re probably deeply offended by now. Well, you probably don’t exist so screw you!

One thing I have to say after a week of traveling is that I haven’t seen a single Nintendo Switch being used yet. I thought that was weird considering how well it sells, if I had one I would probably never use it connected to the TV.

Personally I’ve recently used my macbook to play Darkest Dungeon this week. It’s an excellent game for traveling. And the new expansion really has regain my interest in trying to finish the whole game.

Other games I’ve enjoyed playing while traveling is the Ace attorney series, Xcom, Heartstone, Zelda games and FTL. I’m just typing it down to find a common theme among them in what makes them good “handheld” games. FPS would be pretty bad for it, but slower more tactical games works like a charm. I guess it needs to be games that easy to stop at any time and continue right were you started a few minutes later, so anything similar to turn based. Thinking about it, I get a bit impressed with the Zelda games and how well they work. It feels like they are some of the most complex handheld games I’ve played. Especially Spirit Tracks which I feel is one of the best Zelda games made. You explore big 3D worlds and everything has the feel of “big console” Zelda game. But conveniently designed for the Nintendo DS.


In any case, here are some subjects:

  • What is the best game you ever played while traveling?  
  • What makes a good handheld game great?
  • Fuck, now the train stopped for some reason. Some error in the signal they said. Oh whatever, speaking of, whats the worst delay you had while traveling? Been sitting a day at the airport as for example? (My brother did recently actually.)  
  • Or Talk About Anything! 

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