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TAY: Open Forum - "Slaparazzi" Edition

Let’s punch the blues away, much like we’d punch that punk WaLuigi

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TAYYYYY, what even is this month.

It’s been a weird time. Usually, October is my favorite of months. It’s the seasonal time that kicks everything into gear—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas—but things have gone very wrong as of late.


I’ve been very busy and the week+ cold I’ve had (and still going) didn’t make things easier for me. In addition to some weekly stresses that have been coming my way as of late, this October has been a wash.

But maybe you’ve been having a better time of it!

Share all the good things that have happened to you in the past month or things you’re looking forward to. I’d like to really hear about how your lives have been. I know we’re all busy with school, work, and whatever life throws at us. Even if you’ve been having a dreary old time, let’s chat if you’d like!

Even the smallest things that seemingly mundane are important. It means you’re here, chugging along, and you’re appreciated. I’d like to hear about those things too. Let us celebrate the small things together.

So for today’s open forum, it’s just that: Talk Amongst Yourselves! With me, with each other. How’s everyone doing, fine folks at TAY?


What we shouldn’t talk about is that awfully dull Weezer cover of Toto’s “Africa”. Yeesh.

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