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A drawing of Slenderman I did in 2012.

Good morning Tay!

Yesterday I invited a friend over and we had a little geeky horror evening about Slenderman. First we played a VRCHAT version of Slender in VR. It’s pretty nicely done. It’s pretty close to the original game. But the horror somewhat disappears when you are planning it in multiplayer and everyone has avatars of anime girls. But I recommend checking it out if you happen to have VR headset nearby.


Then we watched the Slenderman movie. A movie that has an impressive 7% on rottentomatos. We didn’t have that much expectations watching the movie. I was hoping it would be hilariously bad at least. But it turned out to be just a really boring. Although I am not sure I consider bad the same thing as boring. There was a few scenes that were good. It felt like the whole thing had potential. But it just wasn’t scary and all the characters in it lacked focus.

As you all can tell I kinda enjoy Slenderman related things. I admit that it became a bit too big eventually, but I still enjoyed that period when it was big on the internet a lot. It was just one of those events when a lot of people on internet gather around one thing and created a lot content around it. And some of it was in really good quality. Which was amazing to follow. In the beginning it also had this scary mystery to it. How it started on a forum thread and slowly grew all around the internet. Which fitted into the narrative that ones you see it you can’t unsee it, and it would turn you mad eventually.

Anyway enough of me talking about Slenderman, here are some suggested topics for today: 

  • Talk about a meme, movement, event or something that become hugely popular that you really enjoyed. Like for example Pokemon GO, World of Warcraft, Star wars and such things. Or something that became too big so you couldn’t enjoy it. 
  • What is your favorite monster/ghost? What makes it good? 
  • What is the worst movie you watched? If you can’t think of one mention a movie that you just disliked a lot.
  • Or talk about anything.

By the way, so sorry there were no Open forum last Tuesday. Felt really bad about it! Usually Z can fix a replacement when I am unavailable but this time I simply forgot the entire thing until it was too late.

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