I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "So Close" Edition

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Hey TAY! I’m not actually chipper. It feels weird with everything going on. I hope everyone is doing well here, and staying safe. If you have to be out there, please be careful. Need anything, to talk or whatever it is, feel free to reach out.

It’s a couple of days before the newest Animal Crossing. I’m trying to finish Cold Steel III. Yeeeep. Still! But! I’m on the final battle, probs. Though I’ve been following along with a guide somewhat, and I was supposed to get a trophy for collecting every chest. I did not.


Somewhere along the way in Erebonia...there’s a chest I overlooked.

The heck!

Here are your suggested topic(s):

  • Have you ever gone for a trophy in a game and missed it by just a little? Like, doing so much stuff and missing an achievement! Were you mad? Did you go back and do it?
  • What’s a satisfying boss fight you’ve experienced?
  • What’s the best ending to a game you’ve experienced?

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