I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum - So Tired Edition

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I think this will be my last time at the OF for a while and its going to be a doosey! Actually... not really. Honestly, I am a little tired. The Canadian Federal Election was last night and I stayed up a bit later to see some results came in, good/bad news the good/bad guys won and the good/bad guys lost, woot! Elections are fun...


They actually aren’t much fun though. They’re tiring really tiring and this one was especially bad. Widely regarded as one of the worst in a while by most commentators. So the major good news out of it is that it is over! Still tired though... oh so tired...

So some questions for you TAY?

  • How are you all sleeping these days? Its kind of important for your health, hope the answer is good.
  • Do anyone have some habits for winding down before bed? Myself I prefer to read a good book, I find it helps out. Actually reading The Shining getting ready for Doctor Sleep soon.
  • Any games that you find is especially good at night? I always preferred the SoulsBorne games, mostly because any glare on the Television makes those games even harder.

Well hope you have a great Tuesday and if none of these questions appeals Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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