I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Something about friends.

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Howdy Tay!

Next week I’m planning to invite friends over to play Betrayal at house on the hill. I do enjoy boardgames. But I rarely play them with people. But a few weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to play Talisman, and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to return the favor. So I dusted of the only board game I own and invited some people.


One thing about getting around 30s years old is that sometimes it’s just really hard to gather friends. I invite 4 people over, two of them have kids. So I kinda assume someone would say no. But to my pleasant surprise they all said yes. I thought like “man, that never happens these days”. It feels like I won the lottery.

You know, I wish it was always just easy to spontaneously gather a group of friends. Like it always is in sitcoms like “Friends”, “Seinfeld or How I meet your mother”. (Not “Big bang theory” though. It’s shite.) Like in those shows they always hang out. They don’t even have call you ahead of time, they just invade your apartment and it’s never an inconvenient time. That is how I want my life to be. Imagine all the things I don’t do just because I don’t have that company of friends to join me. Like I would love to have pen & paper RPG group of friends that would invite me to roleplay ones a month or week. Also I would love to visit more escape rooms, why can’t people invite me to that more? It would also be pretty cool to go out and shoot paintballs. How can I missed out on paintball? Everyone has played paintball in their life. The thought of dying without playing paintball terrifies me.


You know on further thought, I think TV has thought me all of my friends sucks. Look forward to meet them though.

Here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What was the most recent social thing you did with a “group of friends/family”? Like playing a sport, boardgames, going to cinema and such. Was it fun?
  • What sort of thing would you like to do with a group of friends that you haven’t been able to do yet?
  • If your life was like a TV show, what kind of TV show would you want to be?
  • Have you ever meet an “internet friend” IRL? How was that?
  • Or talk about anything.

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