I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hello Tay!

Last week I got new position at work. Which is a temporary one that I will have over summer and possibly a bit longer than that. It is awesome to try something new, especially since I switch for a pretty physical work to sitting at a office. But I have been surprised how hard it is for me to learn new things. Despite that I have found my current work pretty boring I feel like I have been pretty comfortable in it. I did my work well and didn’t really need to bother with much else. I guess a part of me was running on autopilot while doing it. Now all the suddenly I have to think again before I do anything, and adjust to a whole new social environment. It has been exhausting. But in a good way. I feel like I really need this. I don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing.


Which is a similar situation my computer is in. Last week I wrote that I bought some new fancy hardware, but my computer wouldn’t start after installing them. Well, now that is fixed and I am currently typing on it. I might even call it a new computer because with windows reinstalled a majority of the hardware and software running it is new. It is weird though, after I fixed it I haven’t used it much. It is running fine and replaying games with a higher setting has been nice. But I feel like there is so much work left to do. So much software I need to install, and projects I need to get running. That the thought of doing is kinda stressful. As an small example, I tried reinstall Skyrim VR yesterday with all the mods I wanted but it didn’t work so I stopped after a while. Even if I get it installed it I probably want to install OBS and play with the setting so it streams VR decently. There is a lot of small things like that I wanna do that ends up in a whole lot of work.

But eh, there is no rush.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • How was it for you when you started your work/school?
  • What are the first things you install when you get a new computer? What’s the game that always get installed?
  • Or talk about anything.

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