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Hey yellow bee!

(That’s how you greet your bros on the streets right now.)

Getting a new graphic cards has open up a new world of possibilities for me, like playing games on a higher settings and... that’s pretty much it.


I recently gave Nier: Automata a new chance. It unfortunately does not have the best PC port which showed on my old hardware because it would crash on a specific spot which made me unable to continue. But now it works really smooth which, has made the game a lot more enjoyable and I found myself unable to stop playing it. After a while I felt like my character wasn’t as maxed out as as she could be because it took a while before I understood the progressions system, so I deleted my save file and restarted the game entirely. (The introduction of the game is the best anyway.) And it seemed to be the right choice because I understand gameplay and story more. I even swallowed my pride and changed the voice audio setting from Japanese to English, and even if I feel like I enjoy listning to the Japanese version more it can be hard to follow what they are saying during a fight.

Although I dread that I have to replay 9S parts again. I just don’t like the hacking gameplay.

Anyway enough about me playing Nier. Here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • Which games have you restarted even if you didn’t finish the game and have to replay a large part of it? Like for examples, did you do it because you wanted to, or was the game buggy, or had a complex progression system so your character was too weak at a certain point?
  • What movies/books or other media did you thought was better the second time?
  • Mention a thing you are really bad at, but enjoy doing anyway.
  • Or talk about anything.

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