I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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That’s right, TAY. I have the power. Better rename this forum the watering hole, because Hippo’s taking over. Hopefully I can fill the void that Slinker’s temporary absence has surely left in your heart.

Something that has been missing in my life for the past couple years is the impact of the Steam Summer Sale. That infamous forbidden fruit of temptation and savings left me reeling the first time I experienced it. Video games were supposed to be expensive. I could afford maybe one a month if I was lucky. You’re telling me that I can get Batman: Arkham Asylum AND Arkham City for 25 bucks each? How could such a thing be possible? Needless to say, I dropped a lot of dough during those first few summers after procuring a good PC.


Recently though, the magic hasn’t been there. There are games I want, and I will buy them, but I don’t go crazy over games I haven’t even heard of anymore. Obviously this is a good thing from most sane perspectives, but I kind of miss that crazy consumer spirit that led me to buy things like Recettear or They Bleed Pixels, two games that I’ll definitely get around to playing some day…

The point of all this is that I would like to be more adventurous with the sale this year. In particular, I would like to find some strange indie games that I haven’t given much attention. With all the incredible AAA games coming out last year, I lost touch with the more avant-garde regions of the gaming industry. Sure, I’d like to get Superhot or Darkest Dungeon, along with the heaps of other well-known indie titles that I’ve missed, but I want to get some of the weirder games too. Venture outside of my comfort zone and search for some hidden gems.


Realistically I’ll probably just get whatever dunkey has recommended before. That guy’s tastes are aligned almost eerily perfectly with mine. Time is of course another important consideration, this is the first summer that I haven’t had a break from school (on account of my graduation). It’s a bit of a bummer having so much less free time, but at least I’m making money? Sure makes the Steam sales less painful to participate in…

Here are some conversation topics. They are related to the discussion I introduced in the preceding paragraphs, as I understand is customary:

  • What are your favorite indie games? Give me some sleeper hits!
  • What is your most bizarre purchase during a Steam (or any other) sale?
  • Which game have you had your eye on for a while, but never purchased?
  • Do you lament the loss of your free time? Or if you still have it, are you making the most of it?
  • Or talk about anything!

Here is the song I will continue to listen to until I hate it:

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