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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum: "Stop Ruining My Choices" Edition

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Ugh, a thing happened yesterday. I was playing Trails of Cold Steel III. I am enjoying it so far even if boss fights are annoying with the ultra healing. But anyway, so as the series has many parts, I played the games on older systems. Namely the PS3 and PSVita (or was it PSP). They recently got some PS4 releases and I didn’t check but I’m not sure how much of my save data from my old saves could transfer to affect my playthrough of III. I wasn’t about the replay the first two in this Erebonian drama. Trails of Cold Steel, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a JRPG series. And they’re as long as JRPGs can get.


Ain’t nobody got time for replaying hundreds of hours of games. ::cough:: Breath of the Wild was different! ::cough::

So in Cold Steel II and I, I romanced two different girls. I ultimately decided on the heavy sword wielding, martial artist expert, and all-round badass, Laura. In my first game, I went with the agile, ex-jaeger, also a bad-ass, Fie. Never did I go for the one girl, Alisa, who was too whiny and standoffish for my liking. And yet! When I met up with her in Cold Steel III, I didn’t care for the heartfelt greeting my character Rean and Alisa had.



Curse you game!

Here are your suggested topics:

  • Can you think of a time a game’s sequel totally messed a character up, and it really made you annoyed?
  • What’s the best sequel you’ve played?
  • What’s the worst?

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