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TAY: Open Forum - "Story, For Sure" Edition

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Hi TAY! How goes it?

Last week, Mr. Shifty launched on Steam and Switch. It’s touting itself as a mix between Hotline Miami and Nightcrawler.


Well, that first claim is bold and some shoes to fill.

As some of you may know (XD), Hotline Miami is one of my favorite games. In short, it’s a brilliant story portrayed under striking visuals and sound, and delivered in a vague, violent, and engaging way that could also be frustrating (multiple deaths and trying, trying, and trying again).

So here’s Mr. Shifty saying one of its influences comes from HLM, and it shows that similarity through gameplay I’ve seen. That top down style and take downs. But it seems that’s as far as it goes.


But the game got me thinking about the old arguments of story vs gameplay. It’s difficult to reduce arguments for and against in such simple terms. Sometimes games have amazing stories and poor controls. Sometimes they’re fun as heck but lacking in anything in the story department (and that’s okay, because that’s sometimes the point—hi Mario!). Games, I think, should have some measure of fun to them to play though. But again, even that’s not always true. Maybe you’re playing a VN and fun isn’t the word but stressful emotions are what you should be feeling. But again, that would just mean it’s more story-focused.

I know I just said it’s hard to reduce a conversation to story vs gameplay but that’s where you come in, TAY.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s) Answers to some or all will do:

  • Story or Gameplay? Which do you find yourselves more drawn to?
  • What’s the worst or best story you’ve experienced in a game?
  • Which game had a great story but crap gameplay, and vice versa?
  • Which game did you recently play that was awesome in both story and gameplay?


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