I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hiya all, it’s me. Thinking about nothing else than getting past a later level in Katana Zero. Ooo it burns me up, TAY. I know how to safely get through the first part but I’m still figuring out what to do to clear the room completely.

If you missed this game during this crazy release year (and who could blame you), it’s got a Hotline Miami vibe except you’re armed with a katana and have one shot at taking down enemies in a room on side-scrolling missions. There’s constant dying but you rewind to the beginning if you die.


It’s a tough game but damn it, I need to finish it before Zelda Link’s Awakening and Untitled Goose Game comes out. It’ll get done. It’s also very good but man, you need some patience sometimes. Or maybe I just suck? That’s entirely possible.

[Edit: I beat the game after I wrote this. I think...? Mind trip story that...]

Here are your suggested topics:

  • What game frustrated you to no end but you were too stubborn to give it up?
  • What’s the last game you quit out of frustration?
  • What game are you looking forward to this month?

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