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Hiya, you sweet soda!

Okay, my migraine is starting to let go. Time to write an open forum.

A few days ago I reread this thing that I wrote about a year ago. And I got quite surprise at myself how bad I felt about reading it. I just started to see so many of the errors instantly, and how some of the lines were poorly phrased. At the time I was pretty happy with it, although I guess that was partly due the response it got.

Although I think this how I often feel about my own works. When I made a drawing it usually go from the stage that I love it that day, then some time afterwards I hate it. I do keep a lot of my old sketchbooks around but I just can’t open up any of them because for me it’s just a reminder that I am terrible and should be forbidden to hold a pen.

Yeah. A bit short today, but here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • Tell us about something you did that you were proud of at the time but now feel ashamed of today.
  • What gives you anxiety thinking about, or daily things that happens around you?
  • Do you get migraine? Or something similar that bothers you at times? 
  • Or talk about anything!