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The last time I remember a demo garnering more attention that the game it was packaged with was Final Fantasy VIII's demo with one Brave Fencer Musashiden. It seems the FFVX demo is getting similar treatment, and there's more excitement over it than the Final Fantasy Type-0 it comes with.

It helps that peeps seem to be way impressed by the summon Ramuh what with his giant hand coming down to scoop you up before toasting your enemies (though uh... I'm a bit concerned as to where your party members go. I don't know if they get scooped up too, and I worried for their safety. I expected to see them just as scorched as the rest of the earth).


Incidentally, I am not a fan of demos. I do like that these days you can play a demo and stats will carry over into the actual game (hey clever marketing, heeey). But I believe I got burned with Final Fantasy VIII. I did not enjoy the game at all after being so impressed with its demo.

At the very least, Brave Fencer Musashi turned out to be one of my favourite games of all time. What a blessing that was.


Kinda like this cow:

For Today's Suggested Topics (answers to one or all will do):

  • What's your favourite summoned beast/summon and why?
  • Love or dislike demos? Have you played any great ones? Played any that misrepresented the final game?
  • To round out our favourite chicken and pork dishes, I present to you: beef. What's your favourite way to have beef?


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Here you go, have some Queen Ant's boss theme from Musashi to get you going: