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Hello everyone my name is BattleBorn and I’ll be your host for today. Zarnyx isn’t the host because I’ve hid her in a basement. She smells bad.*

So...we all have our own favourite superheroes. For some it’s Spider-Man, for others it’s Batman, and some may even consider Squirrel Girl the pinnacle of Western fiction. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you based on who’s your favourite...much.

Instead of the ol’ “Who is your favourite superhero?” Question that I probably have asked many times before, we’ll play a fun game! Here it is:

Congratulations, you’re now a superhero! Before you go and save the world however, why don’t you tell us your abilities!


The catch however, is that your TAY name is now your superhero name, so that means your super powers must reflect that!

For example; I am the hero BattleBorn! I wear armour similar to Thor. I have super strength, super stamina and come from the realm of Asgard!

Unfortunately, to activate my powers I must get my butt kicked first. Hence the name BattleBorn.


Now it’s your turn!

If you feel like the coward you are, go ahead and Talk Amongst Yourselves!

For my forum song, I’d like to dedicate it to BattleBorn and TAY for five years! BATTLEBORN AND TAY FIVE YEARS DOT COM. BATTLEBORNANDTAY! 5 YEARS!