I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum - Super Summertime Season Slam Session Edition

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Welcome to the Open Forum, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Come on in and join the topic discussion, or comment about anything. Feel free to check out the other articles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYClassic. Is this is your first time on TAY? Then check out this TAYTorial!


You thought it was Zarnyx hosting today’s forum, but it was I! BattleBorn!

Hello TAY folks and yolks! How’s everyone doing? Today is the day that my first year of university officially ends. I’ve packed up my stuff and am currently waiting until my parents come to help me move out of my campus. While I’ve had a fantastic year and made many new friends, I am very much ready for the summer!


This summer will be different for me for one reason. This summer I’ve set myself some goals I hope to achieve by the start of second year. Some are simple, such as catching up on the games I’ve missed, to slightly more difficult goals. One is to get a job for some extra money over the summer. I already have interviews lined up, so that’s not too bad. I’ve also decided to start a new hobby, but the hardest part is choosing what to do! Musical instrument? Learn a language? Take up photography? So many choices!

But that’s enough from me, I got a few questions for you lovely potatoes:

  • Do you have any goals for the summer? Working on that beach bod Aikage?
  • Are you going on any vacations this summer?
  • If you could learn one language to perfection, what would it be? Why?
  • Do you have a “song of the summer”?
  • What games are you looking forward to this summer?
  • What are your favourite summer/beach levels in gaming?

If you don’t want to answer them because you smell bad, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves!


Here’s a song to kickstart your day, have a great one!

Never stop being awesome everyone! Except for Z, please learn to be awesome.

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