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Like you. And you. and you. Maybe...you. Not you though. Oh yes, and you...I have been playing Super Mario Odyssey.


No other game reminds me that I am super bad at gaming and platformers in particular than a Mario game. I mean, not that I go out there and play a lot of platformers to begin with so I guess this is a silly statement but whatever. The point is: Mario makes me feel bad about life. Mario also triggers my compulsions to torture myself for hours by sitting there, trying to finish a thing, and refusing to accept defeat.

More proof that Luigi is the best. Luigi would never do this crap to me. Never. Ever.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s): 

  • What games/genres are you not so great at but limitations be damned! You love them/it anyway.
  • We’re winding down 2017, and we’ll soon get best of lists all over the place. What’s been your surprise love for the year? Doesn’t have to be a game either. What TV show is just the best, or anime, or album.
  • Which game did you miss that you’re hoping to get for Christmas/holidays/Black Friday sale?

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