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Now lets talk about Mass Effect!  

So today, at least for you filthy american infidels, is the day the long awaited Bioware game gets released. Anyone here had a chance to play it yet, or going to later today? Well I hope you are enjoying it, because even though does seem like a good game it does not seem to be holding up peoples expectations.


I finished reading Polygons review of it, and along with other complaints it got earlier, I’m starting to consider if I should maybe buy Nier instead this weekend . Although I am too much of a sucker to Bioware to make such a reasonable decision. So I probably will go Mass Effect anyway, but it’s going to be interesting seeing the public reaction towards the game before I have to make that choice.

An interesting thing for me will be how much this game hold up against Witcher 3. For me Bioware always hold a special place because I felt like no game studio was really competing against them. Then the Witcher 3 came out and suddenly all RPGs before it felt last gen, both in game design and narrative. I’m hoping that Bioware can live up to this new standard. Even if the gameplay would not hold up, I am hoping at least well get a fun new story and a great cast of characters.

In the end, it’s so few studios doing RPG games of this scale and budget. So a part of me feel like I will always support it.

So here is this this mornings subject:

  • Anything related to Mass effect: Andromeda
  • Send photos of your characters!
  • I actually can’t think of more subjects..... Oh I know! Let’s talk about anything! :D

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