I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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TAY, a thing happened to me the other night.

It was storming up a...storm. I had just finished watching Sharknado 4 with the crew when I was headed to my house. There was the scent of skunk in the air as I crossed the lawn. I opened the outer door when it happened...



Illustration for article titled TAY: Open Forum - That One Guy On The Window Sill Edition

No, you goofs! I avoided being skunked that night. But I did see that scary dude hanging out on the window sill. Maybe it was the weird colour of the sky mixed with the light in the mudroom but it. was. creepy!

Just look at his face! Those upturned eyes that seemed to follow me around as I put the key in the door.


You’d swear he hasn’t been sitting there for months already (he has), and I haven’t been passing him by at least twice a day (I do) but I don’t know. His creepiness was so extra the other night. Extra.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • What creepy things do you have in your house? Or have experienced?
  • What creeps you out? Like Clock Spiders. Or You. Yes You.
  • Any creepy games or characters you can’t get out of your mind? Share with us!

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Oh Layne. Why. T.T

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