I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY: Open Forum -- "The Best Boy" Edition

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Hello TAY. It’s almost August in this hellish year we call 2020. I hope everyone’s safe, sane, and doing well. Or at the very least, doing the best you can do. Take care of yourselves and if you need to chat, this is the space to do so. Check in, if you can!


Things were busy last week so thanks once again to Ishamael for covering. I’m in for a string of long days coming up soon. End of this week into next and then mid-month. And at the end of the month, a slew of stressful times begin anew. Hooray!

Anyway, enough of my life updates. Things could always be worse, as they say. And I’ve had some downtime to catch myself and play the new Paper Mario. I loved Color Splash a whole lot as you may or may not recall. This one is fun and just what I needed. I did say, last I was here, that I would not start it right away but I decided that—well, I was looking forward to it, had some time to play it, so I should just do that and not deny myself the kind of mental relaxation and joy that Paper Mario games can bring.


Except this game is brutal, TAY. And by that I mean, story events happened that are sad.

Maybe one in particular and even though I knew it was coming, it was well-executed and then other things happened and I’m a mess. A MESS.


Over Paper Mario.

Anyyyyway, I don’t really have any topics but here goes:

  • Think of a long-standing game series, is there a minor character/NPC or whatever that you love? For instance, in the Mario series, I really love Boo. They’re adorable.
  • If you caught it, what did you think about Xbox’s first-party showcase last week?
  • Guessing game time —how much will the Xbox Series X and PS5 cost, respectively?
  • Is Luigi the better brother?

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