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After the release of the Half-life: Alyx trailer I felt like experiencing Half-life ones more. So last weekend I replayed Half-life 2: Episode 2. It’s actually a pleasant game to replay after so many years. It’s not that long so you can finish within 1-2 days but it has a lot of stuff going on. To make it feel a bit more modern I installed mmod which is supposed to improve the combat gameplay and a few visual updates. I can’t really say I notice much different with this mod installed, but been so long I played the game so it might just be me. The combat felt faster than I remember though.


When I was playing through the first level I found a garden gnome. I recalled that it was part of a insane achievement where you are supposed to take the gnome with you the entire game and then put it inside a rocket right at the end. I usually don’t care about achievements, I honestly would rather turn them of completely. But this one felt so goofy that I became motivated. At first I was just gonna bring the gnome with me as far as I cared to. But after an hour I was invested enough that I wanted finish it.

When you are just walking around in the game and solving puzzels, bringing the gnome along was fine. But when you are doing everything else it could be quite a hassle. It could easily get lost in the chaos of a combat, and I had to load the game several of times because the gnome got stuck in an area I couldn’t reach it in. Although I remembered the game well enough to plan my travels with the gnome. There are some areas that you are going to return to later in the game, where I could just leave the gnome and pick it up later ones I returned. Also in some parts I could just shoot it over obstacles with the gravity gun, and pick it up later ones I reach there myself.

Although the second half of the game was an absolute slug to go through. In this part you are driving a car most of the time. You can put the gnome inside the car. But it will fall of the car unless you drive super slow and straight forward. So it felt like I was driving 20 meters, and then had to stop to pick the gnome back up constantly. In one part you get chased by an armed helicopter. This part felt impossible, but after bunch of attempts I finally managed to do it by quicksave/load to insanity.


So finally after carrying the gnome around for 5 hours I was at the end. I put it inside the rocket and watched the rocket fly away expecting to get the achievement... But it didn’t show up. Turns out you can’t get any achievements if you have modded the game.



Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Do you try to get achievements in games? What game do you think has the best achievements?
  • What crazy things have you done in a game?
  • Are you willing to get VR if Half-life turns out to be amazing? Interested in the game but can’t buy it? Or do you already have VR?
  • Or talk about anything.

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