I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hi TAY! It’s the day after Christmas, known to some as Boxing Day! I used to celebrate the day when I lived in Trinidad. I don’t really remember what we did? I think we went visiting fam and giving presents out. It was a day off though, which was nice!


In the US though, it’s chaos. It’s return day. All those gifts you don’t want or want to exchange, right? I like it because I get cheap gift paper, cards, and tags after Christmas. That’s if I can make it to the store before everyone else does. Which is rare, especially since Christmas fell on a Tuesday this year. BOOOOOOO. Tuesday Christmas days are the worst. But next year is a Wednesday, which is even worse...

For today’s suggested topics:

  • How was your Christmas/day off?
  • What’s the coolest thing you gave (if you did)?
  • What’s the coolest thing you got (if you got)?
  • What are you doing today? Back to work or holiday’ing like proper people?

As for me, I got a new iPod (yes, because I’m an old who refuses to put music on her phone). So I get to spend time transferring and organizing music. It’s the best. Here’s a song I purchased for the occasion because I realize I don’t have it yet:

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