I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "The Final Countdown" Edition

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Hi TAY! Apologies for the no show last week but thank you to Ishamael for covering, as always.

We’re just one week away from Christmas now. A few things have happened since welast spoke.


1. Along with my sister, I bought a thing for one of our friends. And UPS never delivered it. Is this better than it being stolen off their porch? I guess! But is it still incredibly frustrating to have something just be lost and not even informed until you pry about it, and still have no idea what’s going on a solid week and then some after the fact? You bet it is.

2. I started writing! It sucks! It doubly sucks having a terrible memory. A decade list? Ho ho ho. I’m not confident this will get done...


3. Still haven’t bought presents for my parents yet.

4. Precious Wooloo plush sold out.

5. Long days are coming up at work.

So, now that I’ve complained. Let me find the positives in all of that.

1. Maybe there’s a chance it’ll be found and Christmas will be saved. The movies tell me miracles happen!


2. Did you want numerous words about Hotline Miami yet again? You did!? Well boy do I have a surprise for you!

3. There’s always a bottle of baileys and plum wine with my mother’s name on it. As for Dad? That LEGO ginger bread house is sold out but there’s a cool Chinese New Year set coming out...


4. I can always give my wooloo to a friend who was not as fortunate to snag one.

5. I need that extra money to pay off that Christmas shopping. Plus, I can use the downtime during work to write all those words about HLM you’re all waiting for.


There’s always a silver lining, TAY. And mine is that I have first world problems. I’m actually very thankful for all I do have, and all of you. These aren’t real complaints. But thank you all for listening.

Here are your suggested topics:

  • How is everyone doing this week before Christmas? A normal week? Looking forward to that time off?
  • If you’ve don’t have time off (I feel your pain), I’m sorry.
  • What’s the coolest gift you’ve ever given?
  • What’s the coolest gift you’ve received?

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