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Greetings, TAY! Wintry-like, Chilly Greetings.

Gather 'round the warm fireplaces, or go stand outside in that hot CA or FL sun (or wherever you are that's warm) and let's talk about ghosts.

I've had many ghost stories to tell here on the forum/graveyard before. But now there are many new faces to share new ones with us. I hope. Or new stories you never shared before, others! Maybe.


Here's one of mine that I'm not so sure I shared before.

When my brother bought his new house some years ago, he discovered that he had a little visitor that began knocking on his windows in the colder November months and for the rest of the year.

His guest would rattle the windows in a desperate attempt to get in, first the front window... then outside the laundry room and soon, every day, would attempt an entry at every window of the house.


The guest would assault the windows late at night too or at least, it happened one night long after midnight when my brother happened to be awake.

He saw the face of ...evil? Maybe that's what it was but likely it was the spirit of the previous owners' son, who passed away at a young age, we were later told.

The face of his unexpected visitor? It was a cardinal.


For that entire winter, the little cardinal tried to get into the house. I saw his face once, myself. He tapped on the window of the formal living room — the one room that was quietest in a house of three kids and off limits. I was staying there for a week or so last Autumn when our house was undergoing renovations.

There he was...

..tap tap.. on the window pane. Looking in curiously from the bush in which he was hiding. He wasn't so much as hiding really, no. He was inquisitive and daring. He flew around the house and tried another after he tired looking at me, looking at him.


I'm not sure what happened to him after that Winter. A year has gone by and my brother no longer lives at that house. I can only hope the new owners don't leave their doors open by mistake.

They'll probably never get rid of that cardinal. Or worse.

For today's suggested topic(s):

  • Got any winter/Christmas/Seasonal/Other ghost stories to share with us, TAY?
  • Who ya gonna call?
  • Okay, enough of that stuff. What's the best present you got for Christmas/Holidays/Birthday/Other? Materialistic? Yes. But who doesn't like loot?! XD kidding. kidding.


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