I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hi TAY! Wednesday again, huh? All day, you say? T.T

But that just means we’re closer to the weekend! Right?! RIGHT!?

So, the holidays! I hear they’re really close by. Like I-should-be-shopping-for-people-already-but-I-haven’t close. Oh nooooo.


You know what doesn’t help? All these darned indie games coming out to Switch that I want.

I haven’t bought a thing for anyone but I diiiiid buy a thing or two for myself. ::sweat drop:: I’m a monster!


Are you also a monster?

For today’s suggested topics:

  • Have you done any shopping yet? Black Friday is soon but maybe you’re already eyeballing things for fam or friends. Anything cool out there?
  • If you could gift one person a game this year, which would you recommend?
  • Do you gift yourself things?! What’s the one game you’d gift yourself this year?
  • Pokemon Detective Pikachu - are those pokemon scary as hell or what?
  • How’s it going, TAY? What’s for lunch today?

Here’s a selfless person:

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