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I found a safe place in Vrchat.

Good morning Tay!

Typing this during my vacation. My first week was a blast, visiting family and friends in different towns. This week is a lot calmer mostly, because I am out of money to spend on fun things. XD


So I have had a lot of time for games recently, and one that I played a lot. that was pretty much free, was Halo: Combat evolved. I read about this mod, and decided to give it a go. And I love it! Best mod I’ve played in a long time, and the most fun I had with Halo since Reach. What it does is that it expand the singelplayer campaign in all kinds of ways and add new graphics. But it is so well done it almost feels like an official release. The new weapons feels good to use and new enemies such as the Brute are well animated and behaves a lot like they do in Reach. Best of all despite all the changes the gameplay feels the same and has reminded me why I loved playing Halo on Legendary so much. I would say this modded version feels slightly harder but not in a way that would ruin the fun. Yesterday I just couldn’t stop playing it, I went to bed at 4 am. It might be me on vacation mode, but I can’t think of a game that managed to do that with me since Witcher 3.

I’m pleasantly surprised by all this because I have not given Halo much thoughts at all in a long time. It used to be the franchise that really hyped me up. But these days I don’t even own a Xbox one and not interested at all in buying one. I think I’ve grown a bit cynical thinking back to that game. That I was just a dumb kid on board Microsoft’s hype train. But after replaying the first game I can see why I liked it so much. The gameplay is still fantastic, I can’t really compare it to many other FPS in that regard. Perhaps like the recent Doom, but Halo is a lot slower and enemies are way smarter. And some of the levels feels like mini-sandboxes to play with your military toys in. I also really like the old physic engine and design of the first game. It is just as good as it needs to be, and something about it just makes it easy to predict how to throw grenades right where I want it without any guidelines.  

All things said it feels like meeting a childhood friend. Hyped for the official release of the Master chief collection now.  

Here some suggested topics to discuss for today.

  • What game made an huge impact on you as a child?
  • Are you good at handling money?
  • Do you use mods? What games have you played with mods on?
  • Or talk about anything.

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