I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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The epic snowfall of last week resulted in drama for my face, TAY. But in typical fashion, not quite the drama you’d expect from icy streets.

Nope. I fell. But not outside on the many ice patches lurking around as one would think but in the safety of a warm kitchen. Inside.


I didn’t realize there was ice under my shoe, you see. So when I stepped in that place, I lost my footing and WHAM. It was scary. Really scary. I thought I lost a tooth when I felt something in my mouth and saw some blood.

Nah, it was just a bloody lip and the things in my mouth were pieces of wood from the door frame I ate on my way to the floor. Poor door frame. It didn’t deserve such horrors. Now it’s forever scarred.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • What ridiculous, embarrassing thing have you done recently, TAY?
  • Recall a ridiculous gaming moment you’ve had. So funny it was great. Or just rather embarrassing.
  • On my way to the ground, arms flailing, I thought about another arms-related thing. The game, ARMS. I played the demo earlier this year but it did nothing to appeal to me. Any games upcoming that you’re slightly interested in but you’re not sold on, TAY? How do you generally feel about pre-orders? Buy into favorite series or wait for reviews and sales?
  • What’s for lunch? Might I suggest wood? Not so bad. Will do in a pinch.

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