I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Sun Tzu quote.
Sun Tzu quote.

Howdy Tay!

Yesterday I spent the evening playing a horror map made for Vrchat. For those who don’t know, Vrchat is the worst piece of… Er, I mean it’s a VR multiplayer game similar to Second life where players simply chat in different 3D worlds. These days infamous for silly youtube videos and memes. Although for me it has become one of my favorite ways to pass time. It’s sort of a guilty pleasure because it’s a silly game with a… awkward community. But when you find adequate people to play with it can be one of the most entertaining things to play on VR. A big part of that is that players can pretty much add any map they themselves. (Or stole from games or online.) Therefor there is a large amount of stuff to explore in the game. Most of it might not be good, but with VR exploring a poorly made 3D level can be a fun experiance still. Among the worlds I enjoy finding are Horror maps. Because they can among the crazier things to find, or sometimes pretty damn good for Vrchat. There is for example an remake of P.T that is pretty far from the quality of the original, but still good for a few scares for those who haven’t played it. Although the majority of the horror maps are very random and filled with cheap scares. Almost closer to trolling rather than horror. But I still enjoy exploring them because it is often so absurb.


Another game I enjoyed exploring player made content for similar reasons was “Sven coop”. An old Half-Life coop mod that nowdays can be downloaded as a standalone title on steam for free. The amount of insane maps you could download from that game was huge. For some time me and a friend passed time playing the game just trying the find crazy maps to laugh at.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed playing any of this if I only did it alone. But I think in multiplayer you can forgive “bad games” just because sharing that experience with others can still be enjoyable, and create conversations.

WELL THEN. Here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • What is your guilty pleasure among games? Games that are bad but that you still enjoy?
  • Talk about multiplayer experience you had recently that stood out.
  • Or talk about anything.

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