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From Vrchat. Me giving thumbs up to the moon. Good job moon!

Howdy Tay!

I spent the weekend trying to learn unity. You see I spend a lot of time in Vrchat, which has unity as game engine. And you as a player can pretty much import anything from Unity if you can make it. I’ve made a few things now in Vrchat. Like my main avatar “Midna” from Twilight princess. (Well I didn’t make the model, it’s from here. But I made it playable in vrchat.) And I was thinking “I really want to be able to turn invisible and make it seem like my character is teleporting around like the game”. I’ve seen other avatars been able to do this, and I managed to do a few things in unity already. So what the hell, lets give it a try.


I can say that after a few hours of trying this weekend it’s been a complete failure. I am no closer to being able to make my character invisible in the game then I were when I started. I’m having troubles doing the shaders, and even if I manage I don’t really know how to add it on my existing avatar that already has a shader, and then animate them to work when I want them to. For other things I’ve done I had some decent tutorials available for me to learn the basic and then twist things up myself. But here I haven’t really been able to find much guidance.

Although despite that I do enjoy trying out unity now and then. It’s kinda rewarding to be able to create something in it and then be able to instantly show it of in a game. So might give it another go again soon.

Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What skill would you like to learn that you have little experience of today? Would it be for work or for the fun of learning it?
  • If you could design your own game what would it be? Or, had any ideas for an existing franchise that you really want to be made? Like”I want world of warcraft but as story driven singelplayer RPG.“
  • Or talk about anything.

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