I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Last Monday a certain someone who I won't mention his name, but he is being constantly quoted whenever the original Legend of Zelda game is mentioned, he showed me this commercial for a Japanese line of toys (Make sure to have your annotations on, unless you understand Japanese)...

I lost it! The moment I saw that cute mix of dog and peanut it was like a epiphany, my life until that point was incomplete! I spent all night watching the rest of the videos and laughing like a silly nacho, I went through all my contacts sharing this glorious piece of Japanese marketing, because honestly the world needs to know about the existence of these cute little things!


Today's topic is a simple one:

Find your inner Mameshiba and choose from the following bean list~

  • Green Pea (グリーンピーしば Gurīn Pī Shiba)
  • Black Bean (黒豆しば Kuromame Shiba)
  • Peanut (ピーナッしば Pīnasshiba)
  • Natto (納豆しば Nattō Shiba)
  • Edamame (枝豆しば Edamame Shiba)
  • Red Bean (小豆しば Azuki Shiba)
  • Sweet Bean (甘納豆しば Amanattō Shiba)
  • Coffee Bean (コーヒー豆しば Kōhīmame Shiba)
  • Cashew Nut (カシューナッしば Kashūnasshiba)
  • Jelly Bean (ジェリービーンしば Jerībīn Shiba)
  • Chickpea (ひよこ豆しば Hiyokomame Shiba)
  • Sword Bean (刀豆しば Natamame Shiba)
  • Boiled Bean (煮豆しば Nimame Shiba)
  • Chili Bean (チリビーンしば Chiribīn Shiba)
  • Tiger Bean (虎豆しば Toramame Shiba)
  • Soybean (大豆しば Daizu Shiba)
  • Pistachio (ピスタチオしば Pisutachio Shiba)
  • Lentil (レンズ豆しば Renzumame Shiba)
  • Fava Bean (そら豆しば Soramame Shiba)
  • Cocoa Bean (カカオ豆しば Kakaomame Shiba)
  • Almond (アーモンドしば Āmondo Shiba)
  • Black Soybean (黒大豆しば Kurodaizu Shiba)
  • White Soybean (白大豆しば Shirodaizu Shiba)
  • Cranberry Bean (クランベリーしば Kuranberī Shiba)
  • Lima Bean (リマしば Rima Shiba)
  • Mung Bean (ムング豆しば Mungumame Shiba)

Of course you also have to provide some sort of trivia or fun fact, and to make this silly contest even better try drawing a cute face on the picture of the bean you choose~

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