I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - The subject is friends, and this is the headline.

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Hello my pancake! Hello my pancake!

Got today of, gonna go and watch Star Wars this evening with a friend. Pretty excited, not so much because of the movie. But rather it felt like forever ago I spent time with someone outside work and family. Friends for me is weird at the moment, I feel like I have a handful of really good friends, but few of them are available to hang with. So many are getting kids and such! I feel like I should meet new people to reinforce my social activities.


Getting new friends is hard.

I feel weird how I work as a human. I do wanna meet new people and yet I am uncomfortable having new people around too close. To become an active part of my social network we have to meet regularly by accident, like each other, and then maybe, just maybe, I call you or something. And when people approach me too fast I become insecure and weirded out.


So I probably should work on that a bit.

But even if I work on that I still need a location of meeting new friends. Which mean either go out and do something. I’m pretty clueless about that one at the moment. Maybe go to a course or something? Or maybe be more social towards my coworkers at work. Lots of people there. But few I feel I want to connect more to.


Or maybe I am just overthinking this because I had a slow period with much work and little else. Perhaps I should just let things happen more naturally.

Yeah, getting friends is hard.

Anyway friends, here are some suggested topics to talk about right now:

  • Hows your social status? Do you feel content with the friends you have? Or do you feel lonely at the moment?
  • I read this, a Time article about how relationship with friends might be more important with family. (Recommended read.) Would you agree with that?
  • What are you looking forward to, or want to do with friends in the near future?
  • Or Talk about anything!

Oh, yeah and happy new year!


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