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He was just minding his business when the lure was cast. It was 6 a.m. PST but I was on Eastern when I paparazzi’d his moment. It wasn’t his finest. Some may argue it wasn’t mine either. My brother pulled him from the depths, and I seized an opportunity to broadcast his pain.

If you look into his eye, and the way his mouth curls just so... you can see just how distraught he was. An embarrassment, to be sure.


My brother awww’d his little face, felt sorry for him and his bloody mouth and tossed him back into the ocean.

I wanted to cut him up to use him as bait because let’s face it, he was headed to his demise to the dolphin waiting below anyway.


And that, my friends, was the Tale of Tony the fish. The one we willingly let get away.

(But really I just wanted to show you that picture. His expression makes me laugh every friggin’ time.)


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

Helllllooooooo everyone!

  • What sort of fishy, suspect, shady tales do you have to tell, TAY?
  • Any great or not so great vacation memories?
  • And to spin off of last week’s forum which our Overlord graciously hosted in my stead, any cool trips up and coming?
  • I can tell you one other thing that happened while I was visiting the beach. As I was cleaning off the sand after being in the ocean, I discovered that I had sand in my pocket of my swim shorts. Yes. I had actual pocket sand. I quickly threw it into someone’s eyes because that’s what you’re supposed to do. A like so!


Heh... that’s twice in just over a month that I got you, TAY.

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