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How is it another Wednesday, TAY? Do you know how many things I haven’t yet done? A lot. I need to send my Switch controllers for repair (actually, I have three pairs in need of fixing). I need to write and refine a bunch of articles that are pending, and are currently terrible (and will remain so, it feels like). And there’s so much more, and I just don’t know anymore.


Time is passing us by, and I feel dismal.

Yesterday, Slinker spoke about the motivation to be cheery and normalcy feels wrong when so much is crap about this world right now. I don’t blame him, and I’m feeling the same way.

Times are hard, and it’s tough to see positives right here and now. But let’s try, if even for a small mental break. We have each other, and you guys are the best. Let’s always remember that.

Here are your suggested time related topics:

  • What’s a game that you wish you could relive, play again for the first time?
  • What are you looking forward to in the future? Doesn’t have to be a game. It can be anything. I’m looking forward to life after August 25th, and for fall to come. It’s my favorite time of year, and it just makes me feel an indescribable happiness. On the game side of things, I’m feeling burned out but there’s always Animal Crossing.
  • What’s your favorite time mechanic in a movie, game, book, or tv show?

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