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TAY: Open Forum - "Too Much 'Junk'" Edition

At least this looks somewhat okay. I’ll hang something above it though. Too much open space. Also...I’m missing HLM2 which is my life’s greatest regret.

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It’s been quite the while, and it seems I’ve been saying that more and more recently. I’ve had good reason what with being extremely busy and all that. But hopefully that’ll calm down in the near future, so I can get back to saying hi to everyone. I missed so many articles that I wanted to comment on. =( But I will say that it’s been really nice seeing you guys around and having some fun. I know, the 60 Day Challenge is long over (we’re still catching up, round up wise so reaaaaally sorry on the delays). But! With the gaming season about to start in earnest (not that it ever really left, it feels like), I am itching to get back into writing. We shall see! It’s the best time of year though because everyone just gets back to being busy and having lively discussions!


Because you know, I need more games... T.T Look at how horrible my shelf is, TAY! LOOK AT IT!

(Don’t judge my mess! It’s getting sorted! And since then, I added another smaller shelf but too lazy to go take a pic right now. It has Switch games and PS4 games and Vita games, with room for the two former current consoles since... Vita is dead. Long live Vita).

So I haven’t ever really been able to display my games and toys and all that stuff. Until recently, that is. But even as I’m in a bigger space now, it’s uhhh...yeah. Apparently I have collected way too much “junk” over the years.


Maybe Datacide and others were right! Maybe going digital is what I need to do but I take such joy in having physical copies of things. It’s a simple thing but I like displaying what I can. It looks nice. It’s like having a library I can share with my nephews and niece, and other family members if they’re interested in playing things. They can just go pick one off the shelf and dig in. That feels so nice.... I mean, sure they can just as easily scroll through a digital library but it doesn’t have the same sort of comforting feeling to it, I guess.

Maybe that’s crazy talk! And empty justifications for having the number of physical copies and toys of the things I do own. Maybe I just need to stop now. Except Dragon Quest XI is coming next week and I’ll be damned if I don’t have that on my shelf, proudly on display.


I’m not saying I bought the Japanese 3DS copy to round out my shelf of DQ things I can get my hands on but...

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s). Answers to One, All, Some, or None will do:

  • If you have multiple systems, which do you have the most games for? And what is your favorite game from each of those systems?
  • Is your shelf a damned mess like mine? Pics or it never happened!
  • Or are you going to lord it over me that you have a digital library?
  • What’s the game you’re proudest of to have in your collection? And...how do you display your physical things? (if you have them)
  • Spider-man, Dragon Quest XI, Red Dead Redemption 2 or other?

Maybe next week you’ll see true mess if I show off my figures. ooo boy.

I wish to go back....

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