I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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I’m running out of Skeletor pictures. Not really sure what to replace them with.
I’m running out of Skeletor pictures. Not really sure what to replace them with.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

I’m typing this while on train back home to Stockholm. Been taking a bit of vacation early to spend time with my family. I like trains. They usually have more room than an buss or an airplane. And they are pretty good for the environment. There is also something nice about how they move and sounds. It’s something rhythmic about it.


How do you do you feel traveling back home after being away a while? It’s kinda weird, I so often feel a longing to go home right in the middle of traveling. And then when I get home it often feels empty. Back to normal daily life. I guess I get socially exhausted at some point and just need to get back into my apartment to recharge. It could also be that it is just calming to be independent. Not sleeping over somewhere else and such, just be in your home with your stuff.

It can actually be really frustrating for me at times. Like for example I remember when I was in greece with my siblings and had a wonderful time. Yet I could get mad at myself that I wasn’t enjoying it more and sometimes just wanted to be alone in my apartment instead of being there. I know these days that is just my brain wanting a break. But you don’t wanna be too inactive when you are traveling with people. I think this was nice when I traveled to Japan with a friend who was working in a similar way, and we could just be honest with each other about it.

This pretty much describes a person being introvert. I know. But I feel like we overuse that word and has become more of simplification than it was actually meant to be.

Anyway, here are some suggest topics to talk about today:

  • What are you mostly thinking of today? What goes on in your head when you are not thinking too hard? Note that this doesn’t have to be related to work or stuff going on, that you maybe feel like that you should be thinking about. Rather maybe you have song stuck in your head, or you saw an episode of a show you can’t stop thinking about, or read something?  Things like that.
  • What are your favorite form of transportation? Airplane, trains, cars, or maybe you just prefer walking? But don’t just tell me which one. Tell me of an event that happen when you where traveling in one of them.
  • Or talk about anything.

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