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Hello my TAY friends!

It is the day before Thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year. Are you traveling? Have you ever? Let me tell you...it’s the worst! THE. WORST.


I returned from London one year on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. It was a mess. The trains were packed, Grand Central was packed. Man.

But you know? It felt really awesome coming home to the fam after being away for a week. Thanksgiving is probably one of the best holidays for me. I am wishing all of you a really great one with the hope that it’s stress free and a good time. Because I always know just how stressful the day can be.

For today’s suggested topics:

- Have you ever been away for the holidays? Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. What are your travel traditions?


- If you could go to any video game world and enjoy the heck out of some food from it, which location would you want to visit? Even if it’s a place that hasn’t really detailed its food but you think it looks pleasant enough that you’d want to go.

- What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Not dessert but I never let you go

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