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Sup, TAY? Another week gone already, huh? That was fast. I feel like the week just started! I’m glad, though; I have some unfinished business to attend to!

Last weekend, the tabletop campaign I’m in over the summer ended on quite the cliffhanger. I blame the GM for this more than anything, but in-character I have a score to settle with one of the other players! Last weekend, the GM presented the party with the classic deal with a demon situation, and he was clearly expecting most of us to take it... except we didn’t. Well, I didn’t. In fact, only one of us took the deal.

Instead of the one player who took the deal getting screwed over in that classic deal with a demon way, myself and one of the other players got slammed with the consequences, and we rejected the deal! That’s why it’s obvious the GM intended more of us to take the deal. The consequences made for an interesting combat encounter, but it wouldn’t have worked if only one person had suffered those consequences. But forcing players into something like that, especially ones who made a choice specifically to avoid consequences, is uncool. As a player, I’m no longer that salty about the whole thing, but boy does my character have a score to settle with the character who took the deal! I’m excited for tomorrow!


I’ve gone on long enough, so now I turn it over to you guys! What’s some unfinished business you have? Is there a final boss you can’t beat? A level you can’t seem to get past? A Pokemon GO Gym you can’t seem to claim? Something else? Share below or Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like!

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