I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hi-Diddly-Ho TAYborinos!

What’s scarier than a custom-made TAY Flanders greeting on a Thursday morning? These guys:

Illustration for article titled TAY: Open Forum -- Wat.

SPOILER ALERT: If you’re planning on playing Trails in the Sky SC and don’t want any little mission quests spoiled, don’t read the next bit.

Just look at the eyes on those sheep monkey things. You know what those eyes have seen? You.


The other day I was playing Trails in the Sky SC when I came upon the oddest little sidequest. It turns out there were peeping toms hiding in the shrubbery around the hot springs bath house. What better way to lure a peeping tom than to get undressed and take a long hot bath.

This sounds a... questionable plan enough though logical, but then came the part when the rustling in the brush turned out to be none other than....monsters.



Sheep Monsters.

Peeping Tom Sheep Monsters.

Friggin’ Peeping Tom sheep monsters you were battling time and time again as those silly things games have that are just part of the landscape for you to get EXP from. Those silly creatures who drop treasures for you when you dispatch them, or currency and you don’t know how they do it.


Well now you know. Now you know that monsters aren’t just there for your level building whimsy. They have real lives. With real items on hand because they’re real characters like you are.

They’re also voyeuristic jerks.

You’ve been warned.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • True, some monsters do have more character than to just get beat up. I’ve been told Undertale made a point to do so with their own ‘villains’. Any fav monster moment (boss battle or otherwise), or type of monster in a video game?
  • Weirdest little sidequest you’ve come upon?
  • Most fun, or worst sidequest you’ve ever done.

Peeping Toms everywhere. NSFW hiding out in yo closet...


I’m sorry for that video.

Here’s a better (?) Tom to make up for that. Can’t catch a break this guy...

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