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TAY Open Forum - Weird Autumn

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Greetings marshmallows!  

Been replaying Night in the woods this week, and one thing that stuck out for me this time is how Autumn is such a big theme of the game. The game takes place somewhere before and after halloween, and the environment is colorful with a yellow and orange leafs everywhere on the ground. But I would also say it also follows that theme in the story and gameplay. Autumn for many is “back to the daily routine”, the time to start school again, or go back to work. And with cold weather and the rains I would say a lot of us because less active socially.


Yet there is also a calmness to all of that. For me I often feel like there is something about Autumn that makes me relax more. I like how the threes becomes more colorful, and I feel like the temperature is just about right for me personally. Not too hot or too cold. I ones did a trip to Italy during November and I just felt that the weather then was just perfect for exploring a big town like Rome. It wasn’t a popular time for most tourists so nothing was too crowded really. And I just love sitting outside restaurants and bars when the weather is on the edge of being too cold so you warm yourself up with candles and blankets.

Of course, if you live too far south you don’t get to experience any of this. Just warm shitty weather all day. Or if you live even further south than that you are gonna have spring or something. Ha, spring! Weirdo!

Anyway, here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • Which is your favorite season of the year?
  • Does the current weather affect you positive or negative?
  • Any special plans going on now between autumn and winter?
  • Or talk about anything! 

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