I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Weird Dreams" Edition

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Hiya TAY!

I’m constantly having bizarre dreams. Last night, I think Moe Szylak was there and I don’t even know, nor do I want to talk about it. Apart from that, I distinctly remember wanting so badly to hear a song—putting on my headphones and just taking it in because I don’t think I heard it in a while but it was exactly what I wanted.


When I awoke, I couldn’t remember what it was and it’s been bothering me since. There are millions of songs out there! Of those, I only have a few thousand in my collection. But it’s still a lot for me to try to figure out what it is I wanted to hear. Curse my dream memory, curse it!

In other dreams news, I have not been playing Mediamolecule’s Dreams, which is now in Early Access on PS4. I want to though but sometimes I feel I’m just not that creative. I’m a pre-fab kind of LEGO person, and I’m guessing the same may happen for Dreams. But how do I know unless I try, right?


For today’s suggested topics:

  • If you could create a game (or maybe you dabble in game making as is! Some of you talented people out there already do), what sort of game would you create?
  • Share a funny or nonsensical dream you’ve had.
  • What’s a good song you’ve heard lately? And do you know what mine was? No? Anyone? Okay...

Pretty sure it wasn’t this one but I tried going down a rabbit hole and was quickly diverted when I came across this one:

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