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Tay Open Forum - Weird stuff nobody likes

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Image from the the awesome blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Greetings Tay, and an extra welcome to my first held Open forum. Yes, from this Tuesday, and all the Tuesdays for an undetermined amount of time, I will be your shy host of group ramblings.


By the time this is published I will be sitting at a meeting at work to discuss the incoming Christmas party. Or rather, waiting it out so I can join you guys and gals. Not much to have meeting about really, because everything is planned and set. But I guess they just want to answer any last questions and such about the day. As long as I get my free meal and skip work for a day, I can bear it!

Which brings me to this mornings subjects. What is the weird thing you like, that you rarely get to talk about? When I chose that Skeletor image from the blog “Heal Yourself, Skeletor”, it occurred to me that I might have odd sense of humor these days. I don’t really watch comedy movies or TV series. Instead a lot of the laughs I get from odd youtube clips, or channels like “Everything is terrible”. A group that uploads footage from old VHS tapes, often terrible religious promotional videos or odd TV shows and ads. They also have the noble goal to build a temple in the desert out Jerry Maguire VHS tapes.

If you wanna check them out, do so at your own risk. A lot of it is just weird and awkward. But I can’t help going back there now and then. Because when they get something right is pure comedy gold.

So what oddity would you like to talk about? Or if you don’t wanna share that, how about parties at work/school? Love or hate them? I used to hate them but I’m trying not to. Or talk about anything! I hear that some of you like video games and such. Haha, what’s up with that anyway?

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