I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Tay Open Forum - Weird things no one likes

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Good morning Tay!

Hope you all are well during these crazy times. I’m adequate. Things hard at work right now, and not meeting many people outside of work feels like it’s starting to wear me down mentally.


But at least I have work. I read that 36000 people lost there jobs this month in Sweden alone. And we’re not even in a full quarantine, especially compared to nearby European countries. So I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who might have lost their job and are sick.

But lets talk about weird things one one likes. (Except you.)

Back when I started to write these open forums I had this topic the first time, and I would say enough time has passed to reuse it.


I would say the biggest weird thing I like right now, is Vrchat. I’ve talked about this game plenty already but it’s not the sort of game I would show of to anybody. People are so weirded out by it and its community. Which I get. But it has also given me a creative platform to learn unity in. Like the photo you see above is a level from Zelda: Twlight princess, that I have made working in Vrchat, along with some post processing and other effects.

Another weird thing I like right now is this TV show on Netflix called “Kingdom”. I think I was only recommended this because I watch anime. But this is a Korean TV series in 2 seasons that takes place in the 1500s Korea. Where a prince tries stay next in line to the throne, but face political (and bloody) opposition from the most powerful clan in the nation. Then zombies comes.

It’s a pretty damn cool series. It stay true to its historical setting and yet adds in a little supernatural flavor (But never goes full on magic spells and such.) I watched the two seasons in one weekend.


Now maybe I am a cultural ignorant bastard, but I had never heard of this series before. (But I just know that EVERYONE has seen it here XD) I pretty much watched the first episode because it looked goofy. But it turned me over in just a few minutes. So if you are suffering from isolation. I would recommend give this a watch.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today?

  • What weird thing do you like right now?
  • What do you spend most time with right now other than work?
  • What would you want to spend more time on right now?
  • Or talk about anything.

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