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Here we go again tay! Hows your week been? I barely remember anything of mine. No really, while I am typing this I realize I don’t really remember much of it all. Wow, thats kinda scary....



As some of you might know I do occasionally write and draw comics, and they very often deal with awkward situations. That I hope people can relate to and find funny. So because of that awkwardness has become a bit of fascination for me. For me a really good awkward situation can be about the tiniest of things, but completely destroys you mentally.

My last really awkward situation was with my new roommate. We been getting along quite well so far, other than she is one of those “social types”. But apart from that things are fine. One day I got home from work , and she was at home with a friend. The way they said “Hi” to me I instantly knew something was up. They wanted to have party in our apartment. Which sure I like parties, spontaneous if I felt it should be fine, people should be allowed to do that in their apartments. But we don’t live under the best contract, and even I feel my neighbors are a friendly bunch, I don’t want to give them a reason to complain about anything. I haven’t really had parties in my apartment, other than inviting small groups and then going out town together later in the evening.

But then, there is also this simple thing that I don’t really want to. Like she just moved in, I don’t really know her friends and my room is the big open part of the apartment. So if we’re having party, people will be in my room. I will have nowhere to escape. So the whole thing ended with me trying to say “NO” in as nice way as possible, but it just felt really awkward. I did not make a good impression that evening.


So that’s this morning subject! What was a really awkward situation for you? It can be a small thing that no else cared for other than you, or your worst moment in life. Or if you don’t wanna talk about that, (Although I can see no reason not to.) feel free to enlighten us about your day or anything you wanna talk about! Like how about those video-games? Haha, weird right?

Oh, by the way, I am of to see Arrival in a few hours, really excited to see that one!



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